Stop the Presses! Yr Hwntws Hard at work!


The band have been hard at work, researching and developing new songs ready for their recording, which is happening this week, up at Dylan Fowler’s studio Felin Fach in Abergavenny. Prior to the recording, Gregg has been researching old ‘Tribans’ at the national library of Wales in Aberystwyth in addition to finding the right tunes for the band.

‘Tribans’ are a uniquely Welsh form of poetic verse, particular to the South Wales valleys and written in the old ‘Gwentian’ Welsh dialect of those valleys.  These old ‘Tribans’ are a means of connecting with the past in a very real and tangible way and provide an incredible insight into the life of the common folk of South Wales from the last few centuries as well as making brilliant songs for the band to sing.

As well as doing a lot of research it was also necessary to find the right tunes for the arrangements as well, so the band have been working hard to make sure that the arrangements are sounding fresh, and that is all down to Nia Lynn, Gregg’s daughter (who is also in the band!).  She has arranged these tunes into something fresh and new whilst still being loyal to the old traditional forms and melodies. We hope you are as excited about the release of this CD as we are and we will let you know once the CD has been mixed and mastered!




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